Try apps without downloading; The google play instant app

Almost all Android users get their numerous amazing games and applications from the ‘Google Play Store’. From adventure to sports games, Social Media to Banking applications, ‘Google Play Store’ has it all. There was a recent announcement that would only improve users’ gaming and application experience. Google reviewed that using the ‘Google Play app store’ just got a lot better and faster.

The Google Play Instant App

      On Tuesday, the 19th of March, 2018, Google revealed the launching of the ‘Google Play Instant App’. This new feature would allow users to try out applications and games before downloading. The sampling would be done at an alarming speed. This will allow users to get a feel of the application or game, and decide whether to download.

This latest feature is especially great for indecisive users.  The people that like to install an application or game giving it permissions access. Now, users can first try out and decide whether to install or not.

Google Play Instant product manager Jonathan Karmel made the announcement. The announcement was centered on gaming and depicts a new Arcade tab in the Google Play store application. Tapping the Arcade tab on the bottom of the screen brings users to a new section dedicated to games. There would also be news, as well as tips and tricks.

In the Arcade tab, users can look for the Instant Gameplay section, which will highlight Instant Games. Then by tapping the Play button under each game, which should have a small lightning bolt in it, the title will load. This is a change of pace from a prior implementation of Instant Apps. The prior version used to load from other apps.

It doesn’t end there, the trial time is absolutely unlimited. The games run exactly like they would if they had been installed on your phone. If you like the game or app and decide you want to install after testing, you can do so directly from within the app without having to navigate back to the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Instant cannot sample all apps though. Karmel explains that Google will be adding more games to the list. He also explains that “more than 1 billion Android devices worldwide” support the ‘Google Instant apps’. That is around half of the “more than 2 billion” Android devices Google that was active as of last May.

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